We research, build, and launch digital experiences for kids brands.
Whether it’s a book, movie, toy or your secret idea that’s going to take over the world, we can help bring your brand to life online. Learn more about us.

Kids Apps

We design, develop and promote iOS and Android apps for kids. From interactive storybooks for the iPad to the most complex social games, we build bespoke hybrid and native apps for our clients. Check out our apps,

Virtual Worlds

We've built virtual worlds and MMOs for Cartoon Network, the BBC, a Wizard of Oz film. Our technology has powered worlds with millions of players.

Games Research

We help our clients get under the skin of their audience to help build games that kids love. We like to test our game ideas with children before we invest time and money into developing a product. View research services.

Product Strategy

We specialise in helping our clients extend their IPs, toys and books into immersive, story-led games available on mobile, tablet and in the browser. Learn more.

Ideation, Research, & Development

Dubit help brands create digital entertainment that kids love. Our kid-centered ideation puts children at the heart of our design process.

Learn how our research team can help you understand what kids really think about your brand and products, or find how we can help you develop and launch your next digital product.

Engage the development studio for your next app, game, virtual world, or website.

Dubit Kingdom

Dubit's technology runs seamlessly across HTML5, iOS, and Android. Interact across platforms, persist scores across devices, and universal login.

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From virtual focus groups to co-creation sessions, we have techniques that have helped lovely clients like Channel 4, Random House and Turner Broadcasting produce engaging and relevant entertainment. View research services

Design & Development

Our 50-strong studio team consists of designers, illustrators, developers and game testers. We help clients, ranging from startups to the most established of brands, build games that kids love to play again and again. Learn more about our design and development process


There’s no use creating a great experience if nobody knows about it. We help our customers products reach their audience both on and offline. Find out how we do it


We build bespoke iOS and Android apps for kids of all ages. We also use a range of revenue generating models to make sure our clients see a return on their investment. View recent apps

Virtual Worlds

Since creating the first ever flash virtual world for Cartoon Network, we worked with brands all over the world. Virtual Worlds share a number of common features. Learn more about the Dubit Platform to find out how we build great virtual worlds efficiently.


Dubit have created a technology platform for multiplayer games, virtual worlds, and casual MMOs. The platform runs on iOS, Android, and web browsers and has been used by the BBC, Cartoon Network, and may others. Read more about the Dubit Platform

Recent Work


Distroller Güorld

Distroller Güorld (or Distroller World to you and me) fuses reality with the digital world. Dubit are working with Mexican toy manufacturer Distroller to develop a range of plush toys, that seamlessly integrate with an online virtual world and iPad game. Read more


Toonix & Superstadia

Turner Broadcasting approached the Dubit Research team to develop two of their well-known IPs and engage kids in immersive, online experiences. Using eye tracking and game surfing sessions, we informed the testing and development strategies for Toonix and Superstadia. Read more


Legends of Oz World

Production company, Summertime Entertainment has a fully transmedia approach, choosing the Dubit platform to engage online audiences with storyline, delivered through our narrative scripting engine. Read more

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