With nearly twenty years under our belt, working with startups and global kids brands, Dubit are the largest kids agency in the world.

Dubit was established in 1999 to develop immersive entertainment and education for young people. We knew from the outset that understanding how kids would use our products was crucial to their success, so we included children on our board - the youngest directors ever according to the Guinness Book of Records! (Yes, we’ve got the certificate.) 

They’ve all grown up now, but we’ve kept that principle alive and at the heart of the company: kids are in our offices almost every day, for client research, for testing our own products or others, and for keeping us up to date with what’s cool, what’s new, and how to do it best for younger audiences.

We now are proud to have 75 professionals in our Leeds team, 3 offices around the world, and we work for some of the greatest brands around - some of which we are just helping start out on their journey. Most of our clients have been with us for years and have become our friends, but our real joy lies in watching millions of kids use our products - it’s our measure of success.

Dubit Group

Dubit Group also builds and launches its own digital products and services.  The most promising are moved into standalone companies and supported with further investment. Dubit Group is the parent company for Dubit - the agency - and its holdings in WEARVR, and XR Games.

Child-centred Design Thinking

Our approach to innovation integrates the needs of young people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.

Everyone at Dubit appreciates the value of research, from initial insights that help us empathise with the audience, to observation, and co-creation.  And it doesn’t stop there. Dubit are firm believers in not spending budget on an idea until we have tested assumptions with the target audience. Throughout the design process, we involve kids and families in our strategic thinking, and rapidly prototype ideas, to test and iterate until we have product-market fit, and a proven business model.

For that to succeed, we work very closely with our clients - each of which count Dubit as their partner, and our team as their team.  We like to think of our people working in and on your business, and an extension of your company. It’s a process and journey together that delivers chart-topping products, and most importantly, products that kids and families love.

Child Protection

We take our role in kids entertainment and education seriously, and from day one we have been at the forefront of developing policies and systems to protect the kids who use our products. Dubit were founder members of the Internet Taskforce on Child Protection, which has now evolved into UKCCIS, and we are committed to ensuring all apps, websites and marketing campaigns are safe, appropriate, and abide by international rules and guidelines. We consult for clients on COPPA, the impact of GDPR, and ethical marketing to children and young people.

Data Protection

Children’s personal information is sensitive by its very nature, and every Dubit employee is police-checked, whether they have access to data or not. Dubit are registered as Data Controllers, and we employ stringent procedures for the handling and storage of all data, whether digital or physical. We are governed by Market Research Society guidelines on children’s consent in all our research activities.  You can read our Privacy Policy regarding how we handle your own data here.

Max Card

As part of our commitment to young people and their families, Dubit operate and distribute Max Card - a national programme to provide discounted or free access to venues and attractions for families of looked after children and children with additional needs. Max Card gives over 75,000 families a great deal at museums, theme parks, activities and even restaurants around the UK. We are incredibly proud of its success!

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