Children are the future

Matthew Warneford

Not many people know that Dubit was started by a group of enthusiastic teenagers who wanted to make their own game – indeed; we are the Guinness World Record holder for having the youngest board of directors in the UK.

Twelve years ago it wasn’t easy for a teenager to learn how to make a game. Today, thanks to our friends at the Pixel Academy, hundreds of children in New York are learning how to do that and more, including design and print 3D models, make films, and develop apps. We think it’s fantastic! But they need your help.

The New York City based community of kids and teens have been operating out of libraries, museums and pop-up shop but they’re ready to settle down and are looking to raise $20,000 in hope of finding a permanent location. Anyone can donate to the cause, with incentives for donations starting at $10 and rising to over $5,000.

Mike Fischthal and the Pixel Academy are making a real difference for hundreds of children. We’re supporting the project, and we hope you will too.

So, if you want to help a group that will be creating the next wave of digital creatives, head on over to their fund-raising page to find out more and pledge a few dollars. Who knows, in a few year’s time you might be relying on their students for your next game or TV show.

You can follow Mike and The Pixel Academy on Twitter

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