Dubit Coffee Break: Roblox with Andy Douthwaite

David Kleeman

During the pandemic, unable to be together in person, kids have been looking for places to hang out with their friends, and often those places are online. One platform in particular has really taken off: Roblox.

As a company that has built virtual worlds for kids for over 20 years, Dubit was curious to understand the platform’s appeal and strengths, and to think about how brands and stories could benefit from presence on Roblox. Andy Douthwaite, a Dubit interactive specialist who’s written a new report on kids and Roblox, offered some of the insights from that report, available free at www.dubitlimited.com/roblox.

Listen at https://soundcloud.com/user-648360783/roblox-dubit-coffee-break-with-andy-douthwaite

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