Dubit Interviews: Colleen Russo Johnson and Carly Shuler on Learning from Screens

David Kleeman

With children home from school due to Coronavirus, two groups in particular are very interested in how children do and don’t learn from screen-based media – parents and teachers. In this conversation, we address what research and practice tell us about what enhances and what detracts from effective teaching and learning, particularly around two-way platforms like Skype and Zoom. We'll discuss how parents and teachers can translate that knowledge into best practices for home-bound children, and how to lay down a foundation of wise media use for once kids go back to school

The participants are Colleen Russo Johnson, co-founder and Chief Scientist for a start-up developing an app for parents and young children, and Carly Shuler, co-founder and CEO of Hoot Reading.

Listen on Soundcloud here.

The interview is produced and conducted by David Kleeman, SVP of Global Trends for Dubit Ltd. For more information, email david.kleeman@dubitlimited.com.

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