Kids demand toys based on virtual worlds

Matthew Warneford

During a recent look back over our projects we found this piece looking at the demand for toys based on kid’s virtual worlds like Moshi Monsters, Bin Weevils and Club Penguin.

We conducted this study as toys based on kid’s virtual worlds are huge! You only have to look at look at the best selling toys during Christmas 2011 to see that. But how big are they and what could be the next big game-to-toy licence?

To find out we asked 500 children aged seven to 11 what they’re playing with and which games they would like to see turned into toys.

The full report is below, with key points being:

Huge Awareness: Only 11% of the children surveyed had not heard of one of the virtual worlds we asked them about.

Next big thing: Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters dominate the space but Bin Weevils is one to watch with over a quarter of respondents playing the bin-based virtual world.

Demand: Kids who play virtual world games are demanding toys based on them, from Bin Weevils and Stardoll through to Gaia Online. 50% of Bin Weevils players want a Bin Weevils toy!

Nb. We should point out that this research was conducted in December 2011 and since then some brands named in the research have released branded toys.

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