Learn how to take heritage brands online at CMC 2013

Peter Robinson

At the start of July our head of research will at the tenth annual Children’s Media Conference (CMC) presenting our research and processes for taking heritage brands online.

This year’s CMC takes place in Sheffield and is designed to look back, as much as it is to look forward, as it examines how children’s media has changed over the past ten years. So, it seemed like the perfect place to showcase our insight into how children and their parents want classic IPs brought into the digital age.

As well as examining how children are consuming media now, our research also goes into the qualities they look for in modern adaptations of heritage brands. We also investigate what’s important for parents and the challenges faced by producers.

For more information about the CMC, including the schedule and keynote speakers, head over to the CMC 2013 website. You can catch our head of research, Peter Robinson, at 11am on Thursday 4th July and the same time the following day. Both presentations will be in Cinema One.

We will be posting a follow-up to the CMC, including the slides, on this blog after the event.

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