Our award winning virtual focus groups!

Peter Robinson

We are excited to announce that we’ve been recognised for our innovative research techniques at this year’s MRS Research Awards. We were presented with the Innovation Award in recognition of our virtual focus group product, The Clickroom, which allows clients to host groups in a virtual 3D environment.

The Research Awards champion the positive power of research and chose our Clickroom service as an example of research innovation in action.

Judged by a panel of senior marketing and insight executives, Dubit’s submission was called \”a clear winner\” by the night’s host Justin Webb, of the BBC Today Programme.

Judges commented: “The youth focus and cutting-edge cloud technology are what tipped it for Dubit this year – such innovations should be recognised and held up as examples of what research can do as a sector.”

About Clickroom

Clickroom places respondents into a virtual room which can be customised and branded by the client. In the room respondents and the moderator are represented by customisable avatars. With our clients being in the youth sector, this technology puts young people in an online environment they’re familiar with and entertained by, while also keeping them engaged.

While The Clickroom is suitable for all subjects, the anonymity it offers lends itself to discussing issues that young people find sensitive, such as bullying, personal hygiene or drugs (FRANK).

As well as being a place that children are comfortable in, The Clickroom also eliminates travel costs. Want a room full of Japanese and French students but don’t fancy the airfares? Not a problem.

Although the client submits questions prior to commencement, they can also able involved in the focus group, watching on their own screen and prompting the moderator to ask new questions or explore a point made by a respondent further – the client can help to shape the discussion without disrupting it. Those involved in the group can be contacted privately, with the moderator able to ask if there’s a reason they’ve gone quiet or to explain a complex point.

Clients who have utilised The Clickroom love the ability to obtain transcripts almost instantaneously, which is made possible by the whole process being digital. The ability to display on-screen polls and rank items have also proved popular. Clients can also display videos, websites, documents, and be play audio that can be accessed through in-room items such as laptops and TVs.

A recent addition to The Clickroom is the addition of ‘heat maps’. This function allows respondents to circle elements of an image (advert, photograph) that they approve or disapprove of, giving clients a visual representation of the best and worst elements of their creative.

It’s not just clients who enjoy The Clickroom, kids do too! We recognise that kids feel entertained and engaged by virtual environments and this shows in the kids’ level of feedback. They love the environment and dressing up in fun clothes – you can’t do that in a boring office!

Over the past year The Clickroom has been used by twenty five clients including Channel 4, Disney, McDonalds, Random House, and City and Guilds.

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