Why do children want tablets?

Matthew Warneford

Every month we conduct exclusive research for Toy News – the leading publication for anyone working in the toy industry.

In December we found out what children really thought of tablet computers and what they use them for. Is it all about Apple or do child-focused tablets like the LeapPad and InnoTab have a place in the market?

Apple awareness starts young, between the ages of six and ten 79 per cent of children are aware of the iPad. Leapfrog’s LeapPad and VTech’s Innotab scored an impressive 59 per cent for awareness, not bad for such new products. Despite the high level of iPad awareness only 19 per cent of the children surveyed have access to one.

If you want to find out how children use the tablets and which score highest reading and playing games, read the full report online at Toy News.

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