Youth Trends – Batmanning

Matthew Warneford

Are you still planking? Get with the times! Nobody planks now, it’s all about Batmanning!

Definition – Batmanning: Hanging upside down from something by the strength of your feet and ankles.

Who’s doing it? Teens who grew board of planking, and wanted something edgier and more vertical.

What is it? Put simply, it’s vertical planking. Instead of lying flat like a plank, participants hang from bars and other random footholds – err just like a bat would. (Not to be confused with the “suddenly disappearing without a trace and then becoming unreachable” which, by the way, is another use for the verb Batmanning).

So who started it? The Lins Brothers from Milwaukee created the first Batmanning video which currently stands at 740,350 views on YouTube.

It’s a bit dangerous, isn’t it? Yep, falling right on the top of your head can do some damage. A quick search on YouTube will bring up plenty examples of failed Batmanning.

How hard can it be? Check out this video from three teenage girls and you will see how hard.

So they’re extreme sports guys? Not really; the rest of their videos pretty much just involve them miming to pop music while dancing around topless. They just seem to have got lucky with Batmanning.

Who should I watch? The Lins Brothers have really set the standard but the most popular Batmanning videos on YouTube are of Batmanning fails.

Will it last? It has a lot of competition. Following the rise of planking, we now have Owling (sitting on things like an owl), Leisure Diving (jumping in water while relaxing) and Horsemanning (pretending to be a separated body and head).

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