Physical and Mental Wellbeing

We want kids to live the healthiest life they can. This means undertake R&D to produce great products to educate children about their minds and bodies. In doing so we hope to prevent them from becoming patients. 

Patient Experiences

Improve patients’ engagement, adherence and experience at every step of their treatment. Play has been shown by many studies to be a proven way to help child make sense of, reduce stress and worry and prepare for medical interventions. We undertake work in this field across a wider range of platforms including physical play kits, apps, and augmented and virtual reality. By engaging children in what is happening to them we are also able to help parents feel more at ease too. 

Medical Training

Everyone, including medical practitioners, are living in a mobile world. Digital content can help health organisations save money by allowing quality training packages to reach a wider number of medical staff. Mobile products also make it possible to make real time changes to training packages, transforming expensive training systems.