Physical and Mental Wellbeing

At Dubit, our mission is to improve the lives of all children, wherever they are in the world, and whatever situations they find themselves in.  Dr Dylan Yamada-Rice heads up a team that works with healthcare professionals to research and develop new ways to improve the quality of child healthcare delivery, and the mental wellbeing of our future generations.  

From assessment of patients, their comfort in hospital, to their self awareness and relaxation, Dubit can deliver processes and products that improve a child’s treatment and experience as in and out patients.

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Patient Experiences

Play has been shown by many studies to be a proven way to help child make sense of new experiences, reduce stress and worry, and prepare for medical interventions. We undertake work across a wide range of platforms, including physical play kits, apps, and augmented and virtual reality - whatever delivers the best results. Plus, we find that engaging children with what will happen to them in hospital, also helps parents feel more at ease, reducing dropouts and stress all round.

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Medical Training

Digital and virtual delivery of medical packages allows a hospital or health service to reach thousands of students and professionals with training and updates. Dubit create interactive VR and AR training modules that help health organisations save money and time.  Our mobile products also make it possible to make real time changes to training packages, and make it easier for students to engage from home whenever they wish.