In a fast moving market, data can very quickly grow old and cold. Right now, last year’s report isn’t worth the money you paid for it - you need the latest information to make the right decisions. More importantly, it’s no good just having a ‘snapshot’ (one dataset) of what kids and teens are doing now. You really need to know in what direction their behaviours are heading.

  • Is VOD consumption on tablet increasing or decreasing?
  • Which brands and TV shows are gaining traction?
  • Which messaging apps are kids switching away from?
  • Which country could be our best launch territory?

You need lines, not dots; you need to see the curve to stay ahead of it.

Dubit Trends is designed to give you just this: regular audience and market information - but tracked over time to help predict what’s going to happen next.

Not just in the UK, or the US, but across 14 regions around the world.

We know how important it is to recognise a trend as soon as it starts gaining pace - in fact, just when the inflexion occurs. With our regular tracking of global media and entertainment consumption by children we can provide actionable insights from our data. Dubit Trends helps you stay ahead of the curve:

  • Spot new IPs as they start gaining traction with the audience
  • Adapt a brand or property for launch onto growing digital platforms
  • Optimise your marketing and media plan to harness children’s word of mouth
  • Identify how parents and kids are beginning to pay for digital products

Contact Adam Woodgate at Dubit for further information, sample data, and subscription options.