Our games are played by millions of kids and families

Everything we do makes kids either happier or smarter. Dubit create rich, immersive and playful experiences that have reached the #1 spot in over 50 app stores around the world, and across emerging metaverse platforms. Our UX and UI teams involve kids throughout the process, so that your VOD platform, game, or service will keep your audience coming back for more.

Mira Dance Toy

Digital toy for Disney Junior’s Mira show

Kids can make dances to their heart's content in this toy-like section of the Disney Junior App featuring Mira and Friends. Every visit presents a new opportunity to create a tune that Mira and her entourage can dance to – so the magic never ends!

Match Attax

Bringing Match Attax cards to life online

This brings physical and digital play together – not just seamlessly – but actually adds value to the cards you collect in-store. Scan your trading cards, unlock new digital exclusives, and play with collectors all around the world in your own multiplayer stadium.

PBS Kart Kingdom

PBS Kart Kingdom hosts over 8m players!

The app reached #1 in kids education in the US, attracting millions of players even three years after launch. Some kids have even created their own 700-page Wiki about the gameplay, and respond in their thousands to blogposts. It’s safe to say that PBS Kart Kingdom has passionate followers!

Hooked on Phonics

Learning through storytelling

We redesigned Hooked on Phonics with some amazing graphics, featuring 24 progressive lessons of leveled learning activities that cover the key building blocks of reading. And it’s fun too! Each lesson concludes with a story specially written with the words just learned, putting it all into practice.

LOL Surprise

The GoNoodle in-home and AI exercise app

The GoNoodle Games app contains four AI games that all feature and promote the Champiverse. Each game features the child within the game, where they use whole body movements to clear weeds, burst bubbles, dance and collect stars that they see on screen. The more they exercise, the better they score!

Research is our secret sauce

The best products are born from a deep understanding of user needs. Our research team work behind the scenes providing help the world's biggest brands and fastest growing startups understand their customers. At the heart of the company these insights permeate our UI and UX expertise and evolve with new platforms and audiences, such as across Roblox, Minecraft and Core.


Every product we create is tested “live” with the target audience as often as possible, usually every other sprint, to ensure that our assumptions about the design are correct, and to de-risk the product direction. Our in-house Playlab and remote Clickroom capabilities allow us to do this at low cost.

Data Analytics

Our research team members include experts in data analytics who are well-versed in game mechanics and funnel flows. Integrating these into the game is second nature, and ongoing tracking allows us to improve products pre and post launch.


We create user journeys that delight and inspire, developed through experience, iterative testing in our PlayLab, and informed aesthetic decisions. You can use this expertise across current or future products, regardless of whether or not we do the work.

We track global kids media and gaming trends

To stay ahead of the curve you have to be able to line up the dots and see where they’re heading. Our regular trends surveys across 22 countries and 40,000 datapoints allow us to predict the future, allows you to beat your competitors to the next big thing. The data is at your fingertips, so you can segment by age, country, SEG, brand preferences, the lot, across a whole host of sectors and behaviours, putting you in control of your strategy.

Mira Dance Toy
Match Attax
PBS Kart Kingdom
Hooked on Phonics