Identifying and understanding different audiences for new series

The Client

Acamar Studios are an independent animation studio, who produce the hit pre-school show Bing.

The Brief

Bing has been a breakthrough success in the increasingly competitive kids TV market, and Acamar commissioned Dubit to develop their strategy for expansion across its original market, and into new markets.

The Approach

Using Dubit Trends we analysed current and potential fans of Bing; this allowed us to ascertain who, why and how to engage parents and children. Maintaining the high quality animation - and attention to narrative and character detail - were critical throughout, as this was critical to retain the original fanbase. However, we needed to find out how to increase audience size and engagement levels, especially in the US. Once we had prioritised audiences, we undertook a series of ‘play and watch’ sessions to understand how to tailor the content for target markets, and helped to devise their content strategy.

The Output

The Work

A series of supporting decks to be shared with partners on further brand development, including a map of the Bing world to plan opportunities to expand characters, and deliver narrative across different platforms. Target markets were identified together with potential brand and IP amends for each market. This was followed up by a three year strategic planning report to support the content, licensing and marketing teams.


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