CAPIT Learning

Transforming a physical teaching aid into a successful digital resource for teachers

The Client

CAPIT Learning are an LA-based business that already produce and sell a successful physical teaching aid for Hebrew.

The Brief

CAPIT Learning were looking to expand into teaching English, but required a more scalable, digital product that mirrored the physical system.

The Approach

Our research team conducted a series of workshops where kids were taught Hebrew using the existing physical tools, to understand the background pedagogy and pupil engagement. We then “paper prototyped” a digital version, which we tested as simple PDFs on an iPad, and subsequently created as interactive screens which were fun for both teachers and pupils. At the same time, Dubit helped CAPIT Learning with the go to market strategy, changing the focus away from parents to teachers as end consumers.

The Output

The Work

The app has exceeded expectations in schools across the US, being especially successful in more difficult groups, including children with learning difficulties, and children who can’t speak English (ELL students). Teachers, Principals, and District Leaders can track student progress along the phonics continuum, track daily usage, compare class and school averages, and keep parents informed and involved. It’s not a game, but kids love learning with Capit.


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