Duplo Town

A top-ranking preschool game for our friends at LEGO, inspiring physical play through a digital playroom.

The Client

LEGO Systems BV are one of the largest kids brands - and one of the largest toy producers - in the world. We are honoured to be on their list of app developers.

The Brief

To digitally mirror the play patterns of the physical Duplo Street product and bring the bricks to life in the app, demonstrating the creativity of the physical toy.

The Approach

Dubit have been engaged on several projects for LEGO, who believe that our iterative design process with kids produces the best design and UI in their apps. Design and product teams watched kids play with Duplo Street both with and without parents, to understand how they talked about their creations, the imagination that lay behind them, and the stories they would tell as they played with the bricks. We translated these into some playful scenarios that could be manipulated in a digital setting, and then prototyped several of these to see which ones worked best.

The Output

The Work

The app has been a great success for LEGO, with over five million downloads, Editor's choice and the #1 spot in the App Store in 42 countries, and a four star rating across over 72,000 reviews. Younger kids can play with Duplo wherever they are - in the back of the car, story time with parents, and with the bricks themselves, bringing their physical creations to life.


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