ECB Dynamos Cricket

A content-rich digital app to support the launch of a new cricket participation programme for 8-12-year-olds.

The Client

The England and Wales Cricket Board are the national governing body for cricket in England and Wales. The ECB run youth participation programmes ‘All Stars’ and ‘Dynamos’ for kids ages 5-12 years old.

The Brief

Create an app to accompany the launch of ‘Dynamos’ - a brand new cricket course for 8-12-year-olds. The app was to support uptake in the programme, engagement, and longevity of the programme.

The Approach

Our research team reviewed other sports programmes and sports apps made for kids, and ran a design summit with the ECB to focus on what would engage the more casual player with the new Dynamos programme. To keep the app fresh, we designed an easy to use CMS for the ECB to regularly upload new quizzes, challenges and video content. The ECB can add new teams for kids to pick as their favourite, decide how users progress through the app by unlocking different levels (via Runs earned), and change the content that appears on the homepage.

The Output

The Work

The Dynamos App gives kids cricket skills, games and quizzes that they can do at home, without the need for a lot of space or equipment. The app was launched for kids during the COVID-19 lockdown with content to encourage kids and families to stay active, and allowed the Dynamos programme to run as a virtual cricket resource for kids.

"We've tried to be as active as possible with our kids during this period. It has been a challenge but spending quality time with them has been one of the real bright spots. The Dynamos app is a great way for us to keep active as a family and we've been having a lot of fun using it… My boy is just turning eight and he's cricket-mad. The app is great because he doesn't always like listening to me!"
Ian Bell

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