Funny Farm

A kids VR app to entertain kids on the Farm, delivered with safety in mind

The Client

FoodZoo is a company looking to make food and nutrition more friendly and fun for kids.

The Brief

Leverage the novelty of VR to create a farm-based game that kids can play with friends and family.

The Approach

Kids love virtual reality but our research has shown that we need to be careful with younger age groups (read more here). In designing the game, we were keen to make the design and gameplay fun, but also abide by the guidelines our research had unveiled. Wider roaming, easy-on-the-eye graphics, comfortable head turning and time-limited play all make Funny Farm a safe and fun experience.

The Output

The Work

Two VR apps in one! Funny Farm is a platform for future VR games based around a vast farming environment. The first two games are based around the shenangians on the farm, where you can be the bees collecting honey and beating your high pollen score, or a raging bull that just loves to knock things over! Originally created for mobile and cardboard, this game has been ported to several other headsets to reach more audiences around the world.


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