Research around kids physical activity and development of new AI technology to power a kids exercise app

The Client

GoNoodle reaches 14m kids across the US every month, and is used in 4 out of 5 classrooms to energise pupils during the school day, through fun interactive games.

The Brief

Dubit were asked to help GoNoodle reach an “at home” audience, and create games that would get kids moving and improve their physical fitness.

The Approach

Our research team began by reviewing how kids interacted in schools with the current screen or whiteboard-based product.  How could we create games that really got kids moving like they did in school?  Our design and tech team used AI to monitor the kids movements from the phone or tablet camera, and developed games that reacted to what the kids were doing - like Microsoft Kinect but without the hardware!  

The Output

The Work

The GoNoodle Games app contains four AI games that all feature and promote the Champiverse.  Each game features the child within the game, where they use whole body movements to clear weeds, burst bubbles, dance and collect stars that they see on screen.  The more they exercise, the better they score! The app went live on 13 March 2020 and within a couple of weeks had generated 450,000 downloads.


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