Guardians of Ancora

A faith-based game app that has reached the #1 spot in kids across 8 countries, bringing bible stories to life for a digital generation.

The Client

Scripture Union is a publisher with offices around the world, bringing young people into contact with the Bible and Christian faith.

The Brief

Dubit were asked to stay true to the Bible in creating an interactive gameplay world where kids would learn many of the stories of Jesus in a fun environment that encouraged repeat play.

The Approach

This app had to be fun, but not at the expense of delivering the Bible stories: one of the key metrics identified early on was how much a child’s faith was influenced by playing the game. To that end, our research team spoke to numerous Christian and non-faith kids to understand how they would like to interact with such stories, and we trialed some different game schema with them until we found one that added fun, but allowed the content to shine through.

The Output

The Work

Guardians of Ancora is already a #1 kids app in 8 countries (including #2 in the UK, which is remarkable for a faith-based app), and has now spawned curriculum content, after-school clubs, and is the first game ever to be produced in the Welsh language! Scripture Union are now localising for several other countries around the world (including Albania and Slovenia), and reaching millions more kids with its message.


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