Kart Kingdom

The #1 multiplayer game for PBS KIDS that teaches systems thinking to millions of kids.

The Client

PBS KIDS leverages the full spectrum of media and technology to build knowledge, critical thinking, imagination and curiosity.

The Brief

Design and build a massively multiplayer game that teaches systems thinking to kids, and leverages the new PBS KIDS brand.

The Approach

We began with teachers: how do kids best learn about systems thinking, and what would a game about this look like? Then we asked kids to help us design the characters, the environments, and the obstacles and games that we could incorporate into the wider virtual world to prompt systems thinking. The resultant game was extensively tested, not just for usability and fun, but also for the educational outcomes the game was designed to deliver.

The Output

The Work

The app reached #1 in kids education in the US, attracting millions of players even three years after launch. PBS are continually developing new ideas for the website and app, and we are still releasing new updates, including some kids have even created their own 700-page Wiki about the gameplay, and respond in their thousands to blogposts. It’s safe to say that PBS Kart Kingdom has passionate followers!


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