My Puppy Baby

Quite simply: Snapchat for Dogs!

The Client

My Puppy Baby is a new brand created for people who just love their furry friends...

The Brief

Create an online game and world where kids and families can engage with the My Puppy Baby brand.

The Approach

In order to launch a completely new brand, Dubit felt that My Puppy Baby needed to differentiate itself from other “dog” brands online, and it would be difficult to cut through the noise in the games sector. In a two day design summit, we used research with dog owners to understand their habits, what they would share, and even found out that 25% of dogs had their own Facebook page! Product designers worked with the client to develop ideas around “dressing up” dogs and sharing pictures via social media, to drive awareness of the new brand.

The Output

The Work

The My Puppy Baby app uses its own AI and the phone camera to recognise the features on dogs (believe me, that’s not easy with so many different dog faces out there!), and then allow the user to digitally dress up the dog, to share with friends (and other dogs!).


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