Rocket Escape

An entertaining space exploration game designed to headline Discovery channels new Kids SVOD platform

The Client

Discovery Channel is a leading entertainment provider specialising in interesting and informative content in the areas of science, nature and history. The channel is currently viewed in 409 million households worldwide.

The Brief

To create a fun space themed game for 4 to 6 year olds that serves as a headline property for the new Discovery Kids SVOD app.

The Approach

Dubit had been working closely with Discovery on their global VOD strategy, which included the commissioning  of a series of unique games for the platform. Our iterative design process allowed us to quickly turn a simple prototype into a relaxing casual game, using serene graphics and audio to maintain a broad appeal across a wide age range of children.

The Output

The Work

Rocket Escape is set in a colourful and fun version of our own cosmos. Players seek out the farthest reaches of the galaxy and explore the wonders of the universe; gas giants, rocky planets, lava worlds, and asteroid clouds are all waiting to be discovered. Collect the coins to upgrade your rocket ship and booster trail.


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