Business modelling and product strategy for a new VOD app

The Client

Sky is the largest pay-TV service in the UK with over 11m subscribers, and a quarter of these households have kids in their family. Engagement with family households is seen as a key strategy for Sky in retaining subscribers.

The Brief

Sky wanted to understand more about kids online, mobile behaviours and family media consumption, with a view to developing a new kids app to deliver content to younger audiences.

The Approach

Dubit helped Sky identify the changing way kids and families consume media, and the growing switch by younger viewers to watching shows and playing games online.  Dubit worked with Sky over 6 years to research the audience, conduct market sizing, and from this build out the prototype, product specification, business model, content strategy, competitor analysis and audience acquisition strategy. The field research included a mixture of online surveys, analytical methods, in-home immersions and user testing, as well as stakeholder interviews, and ongoing contact within the Sky kids team.

The Output

The Work

Sky launched Sky Kids in 2016 with video content, and on our recommendation, recently added games and other interactivity to the popular service. Dubit presented multiple reports over the six year period to ensure that the business model was appropriate, the content volumes and mix was appealing and wider brand implications. These were delivered via face to face debriefs and a number of half day workshops to ensure that all stakeholders felt empowered to design and launch the Sky Kids app.

Sky engaged the Dubit team to explore consumer value and gain a deeper understanding of current digital behaviours. Sky was deeply impressed with the extent of Dubit’s knowledge and experience in these areas, and gained valuable insight through both in-home visits and a quantitative survey. Dubit fed back various in-depth presentations, providing comprehensive analysis with expert opinion. There was a continually high level of communication between the companies, despite being based in different cities, and this attentiveness made Sky feel confident throughout.
Chloe Buch

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